Year 12 Induction Success

Our new Year 12 Induction Day was fantastic! All of our students arrived really early and were keen to get going with the fun packed day of activities that we had planned for them. They were all really nervous, but excited, with our range of not only one, but three induction activities; one of them finding their feet in their college surroundings by searching for the answers to a series of questions.

Afterwards, the students completed all of the admin and form filling activities to get their breath back and then attended a Big Welcome Tutorial, which included a section on PREVENT and Challenging Extremism. All of the students said what an interesting session it was and that they felt more aware of the issues and how to keep themselves safe.

They then got to grips with a wide range of technology that the Studio College has to offer, including the laser cutter, 3D Printer and the Design suite. They also had a tour of our Robotics Lounge and can’t wait to start this as an enrichment activity later on in the term.

New engineering student, Annabel